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The chalets on dusk Exploring rock pools at the beach The drive here is awesome No traffic noise - just birdsong Sally's garden in spring Walk up to the old bridge Our night sky on a cloudless night


The chalets have a really lovely feel to them. They are warm, very comfortable and have everything provided ...

Things to do

Wander for miles along the West Coast beaches and explore the rock pools

The drive to get here

With all the causeways and bush down to the water's edge, the drive here is an awesome experience....

The Wetland

Wake to total peace and quiet - No traffic noise at all, just the morning birdsong....

Sally's Garden

Sally's garden in spring - enjoy....

Totally Imerse yourself

Lovely bush and wetland walks. This one up to the old bridge across the
Patarau river....

Our night sky

With clean air straight off the Tasman sea and no light polution at all ....


Sally in the garden Sally & Giff in the flax working with the bees The flax is quite tall
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Explore the wild West Coast of Golden Bay from the luxury of your chalet
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About Us

Your hosts are Sally & Giff. We have been involved with providing quality accommodation for the last 15 years. We moved onto this property in 2007 with the idea of providing quality accommodation to people that liked to get 'away from the crowds'.

We renovated the house, built the chalets and developed the walkways through the wetland and up through the native bush. We derive our income from the accommodation and meals we provide, leasing out the pasture part of the property, beekeeping (Producing honey from the manuka that is so abundant in the area) and accumulation of carbon credits from the covenant / carbon farm part of the property.

We are both passionate about the environment and the opportunity to protect this part of the Mangarakau swamp was too good to pass by. We decided to combine our experience in Motelling with our passion for the Wetland and offer top quality accommodation with good friendly service while also keeping our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. The flowers, fruit, berries, vegetables and trees in the garden are now quite stunning and provide a lot of the organic fresh vegetables and fruit that we serve with our meals.

We have now formed a QE2 covenant covering all the swamp and buffer area part of the property and fenced the stock out of this and all the drains and streams leading into it. We have also defined the same area as a carbon farm and collect the carbon credits from it each year.

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